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Introduction To DevOps: Benefits & Career Opportunities

DevOps is a highly demanding skill as it results in faster development of new products and easier maintenance of existing deployments.

Introduction To DevOps: Benefits & Career Opportunities

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DevOps is a highly demanding skill as it results in faster development of new products and easier maintenance of existing deployments.

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To begin with, DevOps stands for Development & Operations and it is a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools. In addition, this collection helps an organization in delivering applications and services at high velocity. Given below are the six phases of the DevOps life cycle.

  • Plan
  • Build
  • Continuous Integration & Development
  • Monitor
  • Operate
  • Continuous Feedback

Benefits of Using DevOps

DevOps ensures faster deployment and provides more frequent delivery of updates and features. It helps in increasing customer satisfaction and helps a business take a firm stand in a competitive market. In addition, it helps in stabilizing the work environment and with a steady and well-balanced approach to operation. It facilitates collaboration between development and operation teams and results in significantly improving the product quality. Furthermore, it promotes agility in business and keeps you ahead of your competitors. Moreover, it ensures continuous software delivery and comes with various fast and reliable problem-solving techniques. Above all, it results in increasing productivity and reducing the cost of production. To further know about its benefits, one can visit DevOps Online Training. Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of using DevOps.

  • It renews focus on the customer and gets the team back in the mindset of the customer.
  • It provides an agile environment for teams and unites them to ensure faster product shipments.
  • DevOps helps in simplifying the development process by tangling all the features of a release together.
  • It introduces automation to the development process and helps in saving a lot of time and effort.
  • Supports end-to-end responsibility and helps a business remain competitive in today’s environment.
  • Ensures faster delivery of new features and provides better release control & versioning.
  • Provides automated server configuration and helps in reducing the time window for resource management.
  • Reduces time for Action and ensures better collaboration amongst project teams.

Best DevOps Tools

Given below is a list of the best DevOps tools available in the market.


It is one of the best tools for communication and it ensures effective collaboration on projects. Various technical organizations all over the world, use it to offer all team members a clear insight into the workflow.


It is a continuous integration serves and is useful in automating the complete build cycle of a software project. In addition, it allows users to automatically commit code into the repository and run test cases along with fetching reports.


Docker allows a user to securely package, deploy, and run applications irrespective of the running environment. In addition, the Docker application container contains the source code, supporting files, run time, and system config files.


This tool is useful in building a defensible infrastructure from the very beginning of SDLC. It allows you to collaborate in a centralized environment and be aware of rising security threats at the same time.


It is useful in pushing new changes within the existing system along with configuring newly deployed machines. Furthermore, it helps in lowering the infrastructure cost and increasing the replication speed of scalability.


It facilitates easy collaboration and allows developers to make rapid iterations of the code. In addition, it immediately rollbacks to the previous version in case of an error or fallout.


This software tool is one of the popular choices for managing project code throughout the software development cycle. In addition, it resembles various GitHub features like easy integration with Jira and Trello and inbuilt CI/CD functionality.

Reasons to Start a Career in DevOps

DevOps is a highly demanding skill as it results in faster development of new products and easier maintenance of existing deployments. In addition, it is a flourishing IT philosophy, that helps in enhancing an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at pace and scale. Above all, many institutes provide DevOps Training Institute in Noida and one can enroll in them to learn it and start a career in it. Given below are some of the reasons why you should consider starting a career in DevOps.

  • Provides Multiple opportunities in the profession.
  • Is s prone to continuous developments and enhancements.
  • Allows you to future-proof your career due to its high demands.
  • Offers you endless possibilities to learn and develop.
  • It provides you the opportunity to truly deliver a tangible business outcome.

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