Oracle – HRMS,E – Business Suite

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Croma Campus Experts designed for “Oracle – HRMS,E – Business Suite” course for Freshers/College Students/Professionals (IT & Non-IT) to cater the needs of dynamic IT companies. We also offer professional real time projects for students in their final semester.

Course completion and project completion certificates will also be provided upon successful completion of the course. We have also partnered with major MNCs & Agencies to place candidates with our clients.

Key Features of Oracle – HRMS,E – Business Suite Training are:

  • Design POC (Proof of Concept): This process is used to ensure the feasibility of the client application.
  • Video Recording of every session will be provided to candidates.
  • Live Project Based Training.
  • Job-Oriented Course Curriculum.
  • Course Curriculum is approved by Hiring Professionals of our client.
  • Post Training Support  will helps the associate to implement the knowledge on client Projects.
  • Certification Based Training are designed by Certified Professionals from the relevant industries focusing on the needs of the market & certification requirement.
  • Interview calls till placement.

Organization Structures

  • Organization Structures
  • Organizations
  • Locations
  • Auto Orgs
  • Organization Hierarchies

Jobs and Positions

  • Jobs and Positions
  • Job Management
  • Position Management
  • Transaction Templates
  • Job and Position Evaluation
  • Position Hierarchies
  • Reorganizing your Workforce

People Budgets and Costing

  • People Budgets and Costing
  • Budgeting
  • Budget Reporting
  • Costing
  • Retro Costing

People Types and Employment Groups

  • People Types and Employment Groups
  • People and Person Types

Employment Agreements and Legal Compliance

  • Employment Agreements and Legal Compliance
  • Collective Agreement Setup
  • Collective Agreement Administration
  • Occupational Health


  • Checklists Overview
  • Setting up Checklists
  • Identifying Performers for Checklist Tasks
  • Running the Allocate Checklists Process

General Compensation Structures

  • General Compensation Structures
  • Elements
  • Compensation Entry and Reporting
  • Compensation Objects
  • Benefits Eligibility

Salary, Grades, and Pay Administration

  • Salary, Grades, and Pay Administration
  • Salary Administration Setup
  • Salary Administration
  • Compensation Surveys
  • Grades and Pay Setup
  • Grades and Pay Administration
  • Criteria-Based Rates
  • Workforce Intelligence Key Concepts for Salary, Grades, and Pay Administration
  • Workforce Intelligence for Salary, Grades, and Pay Administration

Compensation and Awards Management

  • Compensation Awards Management: Requirements
  • Compensation Workbench License
  • Compensation Workbench
  • Compensation Plan Design
  • Controlling Access, Eligibility, and Award Amounts
  • Worksheet and Budget Sheet Configuration
  • Reports and Notifications
  • Plan Administration
  • Individual Compensation Distribution
  • Using Individual Compensation Distributions: Line Managers, Employees and HR
  • Professionals
  • Compensation History
  • Total Compensation Statement
  • Vehicle and Mileage Processing

Leave and Absence Management

  • Leave and Absence Management
  • Absence Management Setup
  • PTO Accruals Setup
  • Absence and Accrual Plan Administration
  • Workforce Intelligence Key Concepts for Leave and Absence Management
  • Workforce Intelligence for Leave and Absence Management

Setup for Health and Welfare Management

  • Setup for Health and Welfare Management
  • Advanced Benefits Setup
  • Standard and Advanced Benefits Implementation
  • Self-Service Benefits Enrollments
  • Life Events
  • Benefit Enrollment Requirements
  • Activity Rates and Coverage Calculations
  • Flex Credits and Benefit Pools (Advanced Benefits) Communications
  • Online Benefit Services (Advanced Benefits)

Administration for Health and Welfare Management

  • Administration for Health and Welfare Management
  • Advanced Benefits Administration:
  • Standard and Advanced Benefits Administration
  • Participant Eligibility Management (Standard Benefits)
  • Participation Management (Advanced Benefits)
  • Online Benefits Services (Advanced Benefits)
  • Enrollment Management
  • Continuing Benefits Eligibility
  • Rates, Premiums, Balances, and Reimbursements
  • Communications
  • Workforce Intelligence for Health and Welfare Administration

Payroll Earnings and Deductions

  • Payroll Earnings and Deductions Overview
  • Payroll Earnings and Deductions
  • Additional Element Setup for Payroll
  • Balances
  • Third Party Payments
  • Historic Rates

Introduction to Oracle Approvals Management

  • Oracle Approvals Management
  • Approval Processes.

Implementing Oracle Approvals Management

  • Implementing Oracle Approvals Management
  • Planning your Organization’s Approval Processes
  • Parallel Approval Process
  • How to Parallelize an Approval Process
  • AME Roles and Responsibilities
  • Implementing Oracle Approvals Management
  • Implementing the Transaction Type
  • Running the Approvals Deviation Report
  • Purging Transaction Data
  • Running the Approvals Deviation Data Purge Process
  • Running the Approvals Management Post Upgrade Process


  • How does AME use Attributes?
  • Deciding Whether to Create or Edit Attributes
  • Viewing Attributes
  • Creating Attributes
  • Editing Attributes
  • Deleting Attributes
  • Copying Attributes


  • Condition Types
  • Condition Scope and Availability
  • Viewing Conditions
  • Creating an Ordinary or Exception Condition
  • Creating a List-Modification Condition
  • Editing Conditions
  • Deleting Conditions


  • Action Type Properties
  • Required Attributes for Action Types
  • Action Properties
  • Predefined Action Types
  • Choosing an Action
  • Creating an Action Type
  • Editing an Action Type
  • Deleting an Action Type
  • Using an Existing Action Type
  • Creating an Action
  • Editing an Action
  • Deleting an Action

Approver Groups

  • Deciding When to Use an Approver Group
  • Approver Group Properties
  • Creating an Approver Group
  • Editing an Approver Group
  • Deleting an Approver Group


  • Rule Types
  • Rule Properties
  • Rule Priorities
  • Using Rules
  • How AME Handles Multiple Requirements for an Approver
  • Example of Setting Up an Exception Rule..
  • Creating a Rule
  • Creating a Rule Use
  • Editing a Rule and its Use
  • Deleting a Rule and its Use
  • Reinstating an Inactive Rule



  • Transaction Type
  • Configuration Variables
  • Item Classes
  • Using Item Classes
  • What Causes Runtime Exceptions in AME?
  • Creating a Transaction Type
  • Updating a Transaction Type
  • Deleting a Transaction Type
  • Setting Default Values for Configuration Variables
  • Setting the Transaction Type’s Configuration Variables’ Values
  • Viewing a Specific Transaction’s Exception Log
  • Running the Setup Report
  • How Should an Administrator Respond to an AME Exception?

Payroll Processing Management


  • Consolidation Sets
  • Exchange Rates
  • Assignment Sets
  • Selecting Exchange Rate Types for a Business Group
  • Defining Consolidation Sets
  • Changing Consolidation Sets
  • Defining an Assignment Set Using Formula Criteria
  • Defining an Assignment Set by Including or Excluding Assignments
  • Deleting Payrolls
  • Setting Up Payroll Contact Information
  • Allocating Payroll Contacts
  • Adjusting a Balance

Payroll Payment and Distributions

  • Payment Methods for Your Enterprise
  • Cash Management and Oracle Payroll
  • Payslip Modeler Overview
  • Setting Up Integration of Cash Management with Oracle Payroll for EFT Reconciliation
  • Defining a Payment Method
  • Setting Up a Global Statement of Earnings
  • Running the Enable or Disable Global SOE Process
  • Viewing Statement of Earnings
  • Setting Up Payslip Information and Generating Payslips
  • Extracting Information to Appear on the Payslip
  • Running the Pay Advice Alignment Report
  • Running the Payments Summary Report
  • Running the Pay Advice Report
  • Setting Up Payslip Modeling

Payroll Statutory Deductions and Reporting

  • Payroll Statutory Deductions and Reporting

Payroll Processing and Analysis

  • The Payroll Run
  • Post Processing for a Payroll
  • RetroPay Processing
  • Advance Pay.
  • Exception Reporting
  • Retries, Reversals and Rollbacks
  • Workforce Intelligence (HRMS) for Payroll Processing and Analysis

Payroll Event Rules

  • Payroll Event Rules
  • Triggers, Events and Parameters

Workforce Sourcing, Deployment and Talent Management

Recruitment and Hiring

  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Recruitment Preparation
  • Selection Processing Appointment
  • Recruitment Using People Management

People Management

  • People Management
  • People
  • Contracts
  • Employees
  • Student Employees
  • Contingent Workers
  • Employee Transfers and Secondments
  • Workforce Information Management
  • Self-Service Actions
  • Schedules and Availability
  • Workforce and Applicant Termination
  • Entering Contact Information
  • Using People Management Templates
  • Reporting on the Workforce
  • Workforce Intelligence Key Concepts for People Management
  • Workforce Intelligence for People Management









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Frequently Asked Questions:

All training courses offered by us are through IT Professional with 10+ years of experience. Freshers/College Students/Professionals(IT & Non-IT) can spot the quality of training by attending one lecture. Hence, we provide one free demo class to all our trainees so that they can judge on their own.

No, you don’t have to pay anything to attend the demo class. You are required to pay the training fee after free demo only if you are fully satisfied and want to continue the training.

To register for free demo, visit our campus or call our counsellors on the numbers given on contact us page.

Yes, all the trainees shall work on live projects provided by Croma Campus after completing their training part.

You will never lose any lecture. You can choose either of the two options:
View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.
You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.

Please note, access to the course material will be available for lifetime once you have enrolled into the course.

Yes, Training certificate & Project completion will be issued by Croma Campus(ISO 9001-2000 Certified Training Center)

Yes, Croma Campus conduct special training programs on week end for college students throughout the year.

Croma Campus is the largest education company and lots of recruitment firms contacts us for our students profiles from time to time. Since there is a big demand for this skill, we help our certified students get connected to prospective employers. We also help our customers prepare their resumes, work on real life projects and provide assistance for interview preparation. Having said that, please understand that we don’t guarantee any placements however if you go through the course diligently and complete the project you will have a very good hands on experience to work on a Live project.

Yes, Course Fee can be paid in two equal installments with prior Approval.

Yes, Croma Campus offer various group or special discounts.

No, Lab is open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. seven days a week. This time can be extended upto 11 PM if need arises.

Yes, students can take breaks during their exams and can resume it later without paying any fee. Apart from this, Students can attend batches for revision even after completion of their courses.

Batch strength differ from technology to technology. Minimum batch strength at Croma Campus is 10 and maximum batch strength is 30.

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Course Features

Get Practical and Well focused training from Top IT Industry experts.

Get Routine assignments based on learning from previous classes.

Live project, during or after the completion of the syllabus.

Lifetime access to the learning management system including Class recordings, presentations, sample code and projects

Lifetime access to the support team (available 24/7) in resolving queries during and after the course completion

Get certification after the course completion.

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