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  • Power BI is an interactive data visualization software product built by Microsoft with a primary focus on business intelligence. It is a legit part of the Microsoft Power Platform. It is quite very helpful in finding insights within a workspace's data. Power BI can help conjoin disparate data sets, reform and clean the data into a data model and draft charts or graphs to offer visuals of the data.
  • It is basically a cloud-based platform utilized to integrate data from numerous sources into a single data set. It holds the ability to accumulate your company's data, whether it's located in the cloud or locally, and offers quick and easy access to this data. In the present scenario, acquiring information concerning Power BI Online Training in Bahrain will hugely help you to construct your career in this respective field, and acquire growth in a much less time. 

Power BI Online Training in Bahrain


  • By getting started with our Power BI Online Course in Bahrain, you will get the opportunity to receive qualitative sessions from industry-experienced faculty members working for various years in this field. 
    • Right at the beginning of the training, you will first receive its basic information

      Further, you will get to know about installation, importing data, data fields, models, designs, and visualization components: - Tables, bar charts, line charts, pie charts, maps, etc 

      Our experienced trainers will also help you know about the calculated columns, measures, slicer, sharing reports online, pages in power BI, power query editor, modelling relationships, Import vs Direct Query etc. 

      You will receive separate detailed sessions on DAX basics, Cloning, Filter, SUM, SUMX, Filter Context, Row Context, All, Except, Inner join, left join, right join, etc.

      By the completion of Power BI Online Certification in Bahrain, you will end up imbibing detailed information concerning connecting SQL Server with Power BI, Line, Area, Stacke, API, Gauge and Funnel, Star Schema and Snowflake design, and DAX queries.

  • Whereas salary is concerned, skilled, and experienced candidates will always end up earning well. Moreover, by acquiring a legit Power BI Online Training in Bahrain, you will earn slightly better than normal employees. 
  • Have a look at the points mentioned below to have an overview of the salary structure of a Power BI Developer. 
    • As an oven-fresh Power BI Developer, you will earn around 4.0 Lakhs per year

      Likewise, an experienced candidate earns around 7.5 Lakhs annually. 

      By acquiring more work experience and the latest skills in this field, you will end up earning more. 

      By turning into a Power BI freelancer developer, you will have to option to charge as per project and deliver as per your terms. 

  • Power BI Developers has quite a bright future. It is therefore one of the most opted careers nowadays. You can kick-start your career with entry-level junior roles, before moving into mid-level manager positions. By obtaining a licit accreditation of the Power BI Online Course in Bahrain, you will surely be able to stick to this field in the long run. 
    • By acquiring Power BI Online Certification in Bahrain, you will turn into a knowledgeable developer. 

      You will get a higher salary package than normal candidates. 

      You will acquire in-depth information concerning formatting visualization components, implying analytics, SQL Server with Power BI, etc.

      You will also get job offers from top-notch companies. 

  • There's no doubt that Power BI is one of the most demanding, and trending technologies that are implemented extensively in IT & service-based companies, and this is itself a huge reason to get started with Power BI Online Training in Bahrain. Another highlighting factor is its bright scope.
  • Yes, this specific technology will only get enhanced in the coming years. So, acquiring its legit training will help you in quite a detailed manner. 
  • Well, scroll down a bit to know some of the other reasons to learn this technology. 
    • Higher salary package

      Interesting job 

      It is quite simple to turn data into meaningful visualizations quickly. 

      With the help of Power BI, it's easy to share

      It's quite understandable. Like-you can utilize natural language to interact with your respective data when you publish it to the Microsoft Power BI service.

      There's a genuine legit reason why it's called Power BI. Well, one of the highlighting reasons is that it is a powerful tool for both modelling and visualizing data. 

      You will find it everywhere. After creating the dashboard, you can access anything from anywhere.

  • Power BI Developers' roles and responsibilities vary from organization to organization. Power BI Developers are hired in some organisations to design and develop Power BI reports. While other organizations, need Power BI Developers to improve the decision-making process. 
  • If you also want to turn into a Power BI Developer, you must enrol yourself on a Power BI Online Course in Bahrain to analyse its role in a detailed way. 
  • Refer to the points mentioned below to know some of the main roles. 
    • You will have to study, examine and analyse business requirements in the context of business intelligence.

      You will also have to design and map data models to shift raw data into meaningful insights.

      Utilize Power BI to build interactive and visually appealing dashboards and reports.

      You will also have to examine previous and present data for better decision-making, transform business requirements into technical publications, and develop multi-dimensional data models

      You will also have to build strong data documentation about algorithms, parameters, and models. 

      Likewise, you will also have to execute detailed analysis on tested and deployed Power BI scripts

      Your role will also comprise creating essential technical and strategic changes to uplift present business intelligence systems

      You will also have to identify the requirements and build custom charts accordingly

      You will often have to use SQL querying for better results.

  • To be precise, numerous high-level companies are looking for and hiring skilled Power BI developers. 
  • So, if you also want to get into a well-established company, knowing every minute detail of the Power BI Online Certification in Bahrain, is extensively required. 
    • Crowe, Saviance Technologies, Technip Energies etc are some of the well-set-up companies

      By acquiring a legit Power BI Online Training in Bahrain, you will surely end up getting into these big-sized companies. 

      Our team of trainers will thoroughly give you suggestive tips to pass the interview. 

      The main objective of our Power BI Online Course in Bahrain is to assist you to know every minute detail of this process. We will also help you get placed in a decent company as well. 

  • For the past few years, Croma Campus has been referred to as the best educational institution for Power BI Online Certification in Bahrain. This is so because we majorly target providing qualitative training along with various instances, study material, and qualitative sessions by skilled faculty members.
  • Here, along with acquiring detailed Power BI Online Training in Bahrain, you will get numerous chances to brush up on your existing skills and imbibe new ones regarding this subject respectively.
    • Here, you will receive detailed information regarding its related course as well.

      Croma Campus will offer you placement assistance. 

      Well, right from the beginning of the Power BI Online Course in Bahrain, our trainers will give you suggestive tips to clear the interview process so that you can get placed in a well-established company.

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Microsoft Power BI Training

  • Power BI stands tall for users with its significant features like minimal license cost, easy to use operations and high-end product performance. Industry insights specify significant growth in Power BIusers and thus provides a greater number of jobs to the next generations. Microsoft being one among top software providers, with a vision to make this power BI to lead the business intelligence sector started updating with new features to attract more clients in the market.
  • In this program you will learn :
    • Introduction to Power BI

      Power BI Desktop

      Modelling with Power BI

      Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

      Modelling with Power BI

      Power BI Desktop Visualisations

      Introduction to Power BI Q&A and Data Insights

      Direct Connectivity

      BI and Azure ML Integrating Power

      Publishing and Sharing

      Refreshing Datasets

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  • Introduction to Power BI:
    • Overview of BI concepts

      Why we need BI

      Introduction to SSBI

      SSBI Tools

      Why Power BI

      What is Power BI

      Building Blocks of Power BI

      Getting started with Power BI Desktop

      Get Power BI Tools

      Introduction to Tools and Terminology

      Dashboard in Minutes

      Refreshing Power BI Service Data

      Interacting with your Dashboards

      Sharing Dashboards and Reports

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  • Power BI Desktop:
    • Power BI Desktop

      Extracting data from various sources

      Workspaces in Power BI

      Data Transformation

      Measures and Calculated Columns

      Query Editor

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  • Modelling with Power BI:
    • Introduction to Modelling

      Modelling Data

      Manage Data Relationship

      Optimize Data Models

      Cardinality and Cross Filtering

      Default Summarization & Sort by

      Creating Calculated Columns

      Creating Measures & Quick Measures

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  • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX):
    • What is DAX

      Data Types in DAX

      Calculation Types

      Syntax, Functions, Context Options

      DAX Functions

      Date and Time

      Time Intelligence





      Text and Aggregate

      • Measures in DAX
        • ROW Context and Filter Context in DAX
          • Operators in DAX -Real-time Usage
            • Quick Measures in DAX -Auto validations
              • PowerPivot xVelocity & Vertipaq Store
                • In-Memory Processing: DAX Performance
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              • Modelling with Power BI:
                • Introduction to Modelling

                  Optimize Data Models

                  Setup and Manage Relationships

                  Cardinality and Cross Filtering

                  Default Summarization & Sort by

                  Creating Calculated Columns

                  Creating Measures & Quick Measures

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              • Power BI Desktop Visualisations:
                • How to use Visual in Power BI

                  What Are Custom Visuals

                  Creating Visualisations and Colour Formatting

                  Setting Sort Order

                  Scatter & Bubble Charts & Play Axis

                  Tooltips and Slicers, Timeline Slicers & Sync Slicers

                  Cross Filtering and Highlighting

                  Visual, Page and Report Level Filters

                  Drill Down/Up

                  Hierarchies and Reference/Constant Lines

                  Tables, Matrices & Conditional Formatting

                  KPI's, Cards & Gauges

                  Map Visualizations

                  Custom Visuals

                  Managing and Arranging

                  Drill through and Custom Report Themes

                  Grouping and Binning and Selection Pane, Bookmarks & Buttons

                  Data Binding and Power BI Report Server

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              • Introduction to Power BI Q&A and Data Insights:
                • Why Dashboard and Dashboard vs Reports

                  Creating Dashboards

                  Configuring a Dashboard: Dashboard Tiles, Pinning Tiles

                  Power BI Q&A

                  Quick Insights in Power BI

                  Power BI embedded and REST API

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              • Direct Connectivity:
                • Custom Data Gateways

                  Exploring live connections to data with Power BI

                  Connecting directly to SQL Azure, HD Spark, and SQL Server Analysis Services/ My SQL

                  Introduction to Power BI Development API

                  Excel with Power BI: Connect Excel to Power BI, Power BI Publisher for Excel

                  Content packs

                  Update content packs

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              • BI and Azure ML Integrating Power:
                • Extracting data out of Azure SQL using R

                  Using R, call the Azure ML web service and send it the unscored data

                  Writing the output of the Azure ML model back into SQL

                  read scored data into Power BI using R

                  Publishing the Power BI file to the Power BI service

                  Scheduling a refresh of the data using the Personal Gateway

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              • Publishing and Sharing:
                • Introduction andSharing Options Overview

                  Publish from Power BI Desktop and Publish to Web

                  Share Dashboard with Power BI Service

                  Workspaces and Apps (Power BI Pro) and Content Packs (Power BI Pro)

                  Print or Save as PDF and Row Level Security (Power BI Pro)

                  Export Data from a Visualization and Publishing for Mobile Apps

                  Export to PowerPoint and Sharing Options Summary

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              • Refreshing Datasets:
                • Understanding Data Refresh

                  Personal Gateway (Power BI Pro and 64-bit Windows)

                  Replacing a Dataset and Troubleshooting Refreshing

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              + More Lessons

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