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  • The Blockchain training course online has been designed with the specific purpose of providing all the fundamental concepts to the students. Our course also helps you to learn all about bitcoins and master structures and mechanisms in Blockchain as well. The program will enable the learners to understand the basic concepts and further proceed to the advanced level.
  • The course will teach you about the Ethereal programming language and help you design your Blockchain system using various features. To acquire enough understanding of the desired concept, real-world projects, use-cases, assignments, etc. have been provided in this program.
  • To enhance your overall learning experience, extensive Blockchain certification training online at Croma Campus has been delivered to you. Well-experienced industry practitioners are provided to help you deploy your expertise in networks using hyper ledger composer. Being one of the premium Blockchain online training institutes in India, we understand your needs. Hence we offer you a personalized course content facility following individual or companies’ requirements.
  • The bitcoin network is an important concept that you need to understand while learning about Blockchain technology. To design a Blockchain database, you need to store data in the blocks sequentially. The Blockchain placement course online is an amalgamation of both theoretical and practical concepts to deliver in a simple and understandable way so that you draw maximum benefits out of the course. We through comprehensive Blockchain online training makes you industry-ready to help you speed up the hiring process and get you hired in leading industries right away.

Blockchain Online Training


  • Course Objectives:
    • The main focus of Blockchain training online is to make you proficient in Blockchain fundamental concepts, bitcoins, various Blockchain components, etc.

      You will get to learn to design a Blockchain network using blocks, know about Ethereum programming languages, solidity, mining various bitcoin techniques, data structures or identifiers in Blockchain, and much more.

      Avail materials for creating and designing a digital contract through Blockchain.

      Also, get to master programming fundamentals to deploy it in various industrial projects.

      With the help of Blockchain certification training online, enhance your knowledge of various web development frameworks, and their usage to design dynamic websites.

      Learn to design, implement, and develop apps in a Blockchain environment.

      Furthermore, a Blockchain online training in India guides you to prepare yourself for top-notch industries and get hired in leading MNCs such as WIPRO, AMAZON, IBM, TCS, and a lot more.

  • Currently, there is a high demand for Blockchain developers worldwide. Hence Blockchain has become a leading platform for various digital assets. Blockchain technology also enhances supply chain management and other transactions onto the network.
  • At Croma Campus, the professional Blockchain online training provides training to both fresher as well as to experienced professionals. The primary objective of the Blockchain placement course is to deliver Blockchain technology concepts, bitcoin concepts, etc. to the learners. The course is tailored to help you design various innovative apps as per industry requirements.
  • The average salary of a Blockchain developer is between 5 lacs to 30 lacs based on job locations, titles, and experience criteria. Jobs in the security domain have become one of the highest paying Blockchain jobs across the globe and the demand for the desired job has increased up to 2000% during the last few years.
  • Needless to say but the salary package has also increased in comparison to other IT jobs. The average salary of Blockchain developers in India would be around 8 lacs per annum and will increase with an increase in experience. If you work outside India, i.e. in the USA or UK, you will get better pay though.

  • Blockchain technology is growing manifolds and has a strong future because of its amazing adoption rate. Hence, there is incredible career growth in this domain along with high salary prospects. Our Blockchain online training course is uniquely designed to keep the latest technology and trends in mind so that you can progress along the career ladder.
  • By the end of the Blockchain certification course online, you will be ready to start your career as a Blockchain developer and apply to leading industries across the globe. As our course is prepared to keep current market trends and the latest industry standards in mind, getting your dream job becomes a lot easier. Also leverage the benefits of getting certified by top players of the domain such as IBM, etc. and thus excel in your career.

  • The Blockchain technology landscape has been mostly predominant in recent years and is most popular in the IT sector. Due to its incredible adoption rate, it will dominate the market over the coming years. Since companies can be benefited from this technology, there is a bright future scope in this field.
  • The Blockchain platform can be used for almost anything in all industries such as IT, technology, manufacturing, real estate, automobiles, retail sector, hospitality, banking, insurance, and a lot more. As Blockchain is considered the fastest-growing asset and is encompassing every sector, it is the apt time to get yourself trained in the field.
  • In this competitive landscape, if you want to achieve paramount success and get ahead in your career, Blockchain would be the perfect choice for you. At the Blockchain online certification training program, we offer an extensive training program that is diligently designed, and backed up by an expert team of top industry professionals.
  • We assure you to offer a career-oriented Blockchain online certification training course that is globally recognized and ensures your success.

  • Here are some major job roles and responsibilities covered as a part of Blockchain online training:
    • You need to have basic knowledge of Blockchain fundamental concepts, bitcoins, various Blockchain components, etc.

      You should acquire an essential idea about designing a Blockchain network using blocks, Ethereum programming languages, solidity, mining different bitcoin techniques, data structures or identifiers in Blockchain, and much more.

      You have to be well aware of programming fundamentals, and how to deploy them for various industry projects.

      You need to get hands-on expertise in creating and designing digital contracts with the help of Blockchain.

      You must be able to enhance your knowledge of various web development frameworks and using that framework, design dynamic websites.

      You have to have a functional idea about designing, implementing, and developing apps in Blockchain technology.

  • Right after the completion of the Blockchain certification training online at Croma Campus, you would be able to acknowledge all these roles and responsibilities with utmost confidence.

  • Our Blockchain online training course ensures to provide up-to-date knowledge about the relevant skills so that you can deploy them in your workplace and get noted by your employers. We present our students with credible training for an incessant career in the IT sector. The fast-track training will help you improve your employability skills and also demonstrate your competencies level as well. We also help you to develop your personal and professional skills and stand out among your peers.
  • It has been the endeavors of the leading Blockchain online training in India to prepare you for top-notch industries and help you start your career working with MNCs such as WIPRO, AMAZON, IBM, TCS, and more. The companies are on the lookout for prospective employees who are certified experts in the domain and whom they can trust with. In fact, you can claim higher salaries as a certified expert in the domain. Our team of experts also helps you to understand and manage workloads efficiently.

  • We present you a training certificate upon completion of the Blockchain online training with Croma Campus. To obtain the certificate, you need to successfully complete the course, gain the required skills, and complete the given project as well.
  • Upon project submission, you will be awarded a training certificate so that you can showcase your skills and get noted by prospective employers. Demonstrating your skills through certification can have added advantage over others in the same domain. So, master the craft at Blockchain certification training Online and lead the field.

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Take class during weekdays and utilize your weekend for practice.

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Blockchain Certification Training

  • Our Blockchain training course has been designed to explain to you all the fundamental concepts and learn about bitcoins too. We, at Croma Campus, offer comprehensive Blockchain certification training to enhance your overall learning experience.
    • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

      Delving into Blockchain

      Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

      Cryptocurrency Mining

      Consues Mechanism

      Advance Concept

      Prospects of Blockchain


      Setting up Bitcoin network for


      Setting up Private Blockchain Environment using Ethereum Platform


      Setting up development environment using Hyperledger Composer

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  • Objective
    • Understand the drawbacks in current Financial System

      Infer how spectrum of finance can be secured using Distributed System

      Induce the key concepts which constitutes the Distributed System

      Infer various types of Cryptocurrencies

      Deduce various uses of Cryptocurrencies

  • Topics
    • Transformation in trading units

      Cryptography and Crypto-Currency

      Anonymity and Pseudonymity in Cryptocurrencies

      Digital Signatures

      Cryptocurrency Hash Codes

      Distributed Networks

  • Skills
    • Cryptography Concepts


      Distributed Ledger – Concepts

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  • Objective
    • Explain blockchain and its uses

      Grasp the components of a blockchain ecosystem

      Induce the structure and mechanisms of a blockchain

      Fathom different types of blockchain

      Infer various types of blockchain platforms

  • Topics
    • Introduction to Blockchain

      Why Blockchain is crucial

      Key vocabulary while discussing Blockchain

      Distinction between databases and blockchain

      Explaining Distributed Ledger

      Blockchain ecosystem

      Blockchain structure

      Working of blockchain technology

      Permissioned and permission-less blockchain

  • Skills
    • Cryptography concepts

      Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)

      Distributed Ledger – Concepts

      Consensus Methods

  • Hands On
    • Show how a blockchain works

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  • Objective
    • Infer cryptocurrency and its uses

      Deduce, how to store, buy and sell different cryptocurrency

      Setup your own different cryptocurrency wallet

      Explain the working of different cryptocurrency transaction system.

      Perceive the scripting language

      Deduce nodes and network

      Comprehend various roles a person can play in Bitcoin ecosystem

  • Topics
    • Cryptocurrency and its History

      Why use cryptocurrency

      Where and how to buy cryptocurrency

      How to store cryptocurrency

      How and where to spend cryptocurrency

      Selling dierent cryptocurrency

  • Skills
    • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)

  • Hands On
    • Setting up wallet

      Creating a paper wallet

      Transaction tracking

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  • Objective
    • Deduce the purpose of mining

      Comprehend bitcoin mining

      Perceive the importance of mining pools

      Infer bitcoin security

  • Topics
    • Purpose of Mining

      Algorithm used in mining

      Mining hardware

  • Skills
    • Cryptocurrencies

      Mining Bitcoins

  • Hands On
    • Installing bitcoin mining software

      Mining bitcoin on your PC

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  • Objective
    • Understand diffferent consensus mechanism

  • Topics
    • POW




  • Skills
    • Learn differnt consues mechanism

      Difference between consues mechanism

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  • Objective
    • Understand ICO

      How ICO are conducted

  • Topics
    • ICO

      Liqidity roviders


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  • Objective
    • Understand various practical uses of blockchain

      Infer the Impact of blockchain on our world

      Explain blockchain using real case scenarios

      Infer a blockchain application platform

  • Topics
    • Blockchain prospering our world

      Blockchain transforming business and professionalism

      Discussing practical use-cases of blockchain

      How can we take Aadhaar Card on blockchain

      How blockchain can be used to remove corruption

      Real case scenarios of Blockchain

      Blockchain in Banking System

      Blockchain in Land Registry

      Blockchain in Capital Market

      Use cases for government

      Summary of the course

  • Skills
    • Blockchain frameworks and business applications

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  • Objective
    • Apprehend another blockchain platform Bitcoin

      Understand how mining works in Bitcoin

  • Topics
    • What is Bitcoin

      What is Bits

      How to use Bitcoin

      How Bitcoin mining works

      Bitcoin consensus mechanism.

      Parameters that invalidate the transactions

      Nodes and network of bitcoin

      Various roles you can play in bitcoin ecosystem

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  • Objective
    • Explain the steps required to build a blockchain solution

      Setup your blockchain environment

      Analyze the blockchain environment.

  • Topics
    • Private and public blockchain

      Various blockchain setup platforms

      Setup Bitcoin blockchain and connect to testnet

      Steps to build a blockchain solution

  • Skills
    • Implementing Blockchain using bitcoin

  • Hands On
    • Installing bitcoin software

      Setting up servers

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  • Objective
    • Apprehend another blockchain platform Ethereum

      Perceive the Ethereum Ecosystem

      Understand how mining works in Ethereum

      Learn Solidity programming language

  • Topics
    • What is Ethereum

      What is Ether

      How to use Ethereum

      The Ethereum ecosystem, DApps and DAOs

      How Ethereum mining works

      Learning Solidity * Contract classes, Functions and conditionals * Inheritance & abstract contracts o Libraries * Types & Optimization * Global Variables o Debugging * Future of Ethereum

  • Skills
    • Cryptocurrencies (Ethereum) Developing Smart Contracts

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  • Objective
    • Explain the steps required to build a blockchain solution

      Setup your private blockchain environment

      Analyze the blockchain environment.

      Develop smart contract on Ethereum

      Deploy the contract on Web and console

  • Topics
    • Private and public blockchain

      Various blockchain setup platforms

      Using Ethereum to setup private blockchain

      Steps to build a blockchain solution

      Smart contract on Ethereum

      Compile, deploy and instantiate contracts

      Configuring, running and working with the go-Ethereum client

      Account management and mining

      Understand the different stages of a contract deployment

      How to interact with a contract once deployed

  • Skills
    • Implementing Blockchain using Ethereum

      Developing Smart Contracts

  • Hands On
    • Installing Ethereum software

      Setting up servers

      Creating blockchain environment

      Mining of Ether & Sending of Ether

      Tracking information using hash

      Viewing Information about blocks in blockchain

      Developing smart contract on private blockchain

      Deploying contract from web and console

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  • Objective
    • Apprehend Hyperledger project

      Infer the Hyperledger architecture

      Explore the consensus mechanism in Hyperledger

      Landscape- Four major Hyperledger frameworks

  • Topics
    • Introduction to Hyperledger

      Hyperledger architecture

      Membership, Blockchain, Chaincode & Consensus

      Consensus & its interaction with architectural layers

      Application programming interface

      Application model & Network topology

      Exploring Hyperledger frameworks

      Hyperledger Fabric & Hyperledger Indy

      Hyperledger Iroha & Hyperledger Sawtooth

  • Skills
    • Blockchain Platforms (HyperLedger)

  • Hands On
    • Creating and Deploying a Business Network on Hyperledger Composer Playground

      Testing the business network definition

      Transferring the commodity between the participants

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  • Objective
    • Develop & deploy business networks

      Interact with Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain using Hyperledger Com poser

      Infer Hyperledger Fabric

  • Topics
    • Setting up development environment using Composer

      Developing business networks

      Testing business networks

      Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric

      Hyperledger Fabric Model

      Various ways to create Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain network

  • Skills
    • Implementing Blockchain using HyperLedger Fabric

  • Hands On
    • Setting up Hyperledger Fabric blockchain using Hyperledger Composer locally

      Developing business network

      Deploying & testing business networks

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The Blockchain technology has been growing in recent years, predominantly in the IT industry. However, it has high applicability and an exceptional adoption rate in almost every domain. Therefore, the future scope of Blockchain Online Training is very bright and it can offer an exciting career to the candidates.

Multiple features like primitive control over memory, move semantics, function overloading, runtime polymorphism, multi-threading, etc. makes C++ a beneficial programming language in the Blockchain field. You will learn the applicability of the scripting language in the Blockchain processes from the Blockchain Online Training in India.

The Croma Campus institute delivers what it promises. The institute has garnered top ratings from alumni in Google reviews. Navigate the website to see for yourself the many benefits that you would get when you sign up for the Blockchain Online Training.

There are a total of two live projects at Croma Campus that refines your knowledge and give you industry-specific insights.

It can be an asset for any professional with an inclination toward the technical domain. In particular, Product Managers, Solutions Architects, Software Developers, Support Professionals, etc. would be suitable candidates for Blockchain Online Training in India.

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