Masters in Data Science

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Data Scientist is a domain that assists with solving complex and puzzling issues through data by collecting and analyzing the perfect solutions extracted using modern tools and techniques.

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Masters in Data Science in India- 2010-2024

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Start Date : 27th May 2024Duration : 8 Months
Format : Live Online /Self-Paced/Classroom
Future of Masters in Data Science

₹25 LPA to 40 LPA

A data scientist with experience of 5+ years earns the best salary in the market with an average salary ranging from 25 LPA to 40 LPA.


Job opportunities

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an increase of 28% in data science jobs through 2026, counting more than 11.5 million jobs.


Future Analytics

It is possible to see 75% growth in the enterprise shifting to operationalizing AI counting 5x growth in the analytics infrastructure.


Masters in Data Science Program

4.9 out of 5 rating vote 5276

Data Scientist is a domain that assists with solving complex and puzzling issues through data by collecting and analyzing the perfect solutions extracted using modern tools and techniques..

INR 95000 + GST
100% Placement Assistance

Program Overview

The data science training includes a combination of multiple domains including scientific method, artificial intelligence, statistics, and data analysis. All these combined help in extracting the data to understand the changes to integrate the perfect business process. The Data Science program offers complete industry mentorship covering 6 specializations with a blend of tools, analytics, machine learning, and business acumen. The program is dedicated to providing complete career support providing hands-on experience over 14 programming tools.

  • Data Science Generalist
  • Data science engineer
  • Natural Language processing
  • Data analytics and Business intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Deep Learning

Opportunities in data science are growing more and more making it a very lucrative option with less competition. Data science is declared as the most trending job in the 21st century and is in great demand for the domains covering finance, marketing, retail, FMCG, and many others. With such high demand, the career possibilities in data science see astonishing growth in the coming future.

  • Web_IconData science career sees a growth of 56% every year around the world holding the spot of the most promising job with increasing global reach.
  • branData science offers amazing career opportunities with an advanced degree in business intelligence development, Data Architect, Infrastructure architect, data analyst
  • polyThe data science domains including AI and Machine Learning serve many purposes from business to political institutions. This makes it the most demanding domain around the world
  • analyticsAccording to the World Economic forum that data science will become the most emerging role by 2022.

Data science is getting more popular course day by day. The training will help you to easily understand the use of big data using coding and algorithms. The main motive of the course is intended to derive problem-solving solutions for the business.

m IconWith 60+ industry projects and 14+ programming languages and tools, this training provides you the eligibility to enter the top organizations.

 m IconThe average entry-level salary after completing the training is around 6 LPA and an experienced data scientist with 1 to 4 years of experience earns 10 LPA.

icon 3According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, there is a 27.9% rise in employment with the average growth estimated at 14% growth through 2028

The vision is intended to provide aspirants proper knowledge to understand the current need for data science and its integration with other technologies. You will understand the procedures to align the outcomes and easily identify the challenges and objectives for achieving business goals.

  • Get master certification in data science without quitting the job
  • Updated course curriculum designed by the industry experts
  • Career growth with more than 50% salary hike
  • Job opportunities from around the world from top tier organizations

The main objective of getting trained in data science is to develop useful and precise knowledge, skills, and techniques. The training is a completely task-oriented activity that is designed to improve the performance in your current job roles and prepare you for future jobs.

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Tools Covered of Masters in Data Science

Power BI
Deep Learning
Machen Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Cloud Computing
Data Science

Masters in Data Science Curriculum

Course 1
Python Statistics for Data Science

This module offers knowledge to introduce you to the basic principles based on statistical methods and procedures followed in data analysis. This course will help you to understand the work process involved with summarizing the data, data storage, visualizing the data results, and a hands-on approach with statistical analysis with python.


Course Content

    • Module 1 : Python for Data Science
      • Introduction To Python
      • Python Keyword and Identifiers
      • Introduction To Variables
      • Python Data Type
      • Control Structure & Flow
      • Python Function, Modules and Packages
      • Python Date Time and Calendar:
      • List
      • Tuple
      • Dictionary
      • Sets
      • Strings
      • Python Exception Handling
      • Python File Handling
      • Python Database Interaction
      • Contacting user Through Emails Using Python
      • Reading an excel
      • Complete Understanding of OS Module of Python
Course 2
Data Analysis and Visualization

This module will help you to explore the query language SQL and its integration with My SQL to query the database. This module will help you to understand SQL access through data and the method to update and manipulate the data stored in the database. You will learn basic and advance concepts of MY SQL with complete practical exposure.


Course Content

    • Module 2 : Data Analysis and Visualization
      • Data Analysis and Visualization using Pandas.
        • Statistics
        • Pandas
      • Data Analysis and Visualization using NumPy and MatPlotLib
        • NumPy
        • MatPlotLib
      • Introduction to Data Visualization with Seaborn
        • Introduction to Seaborn
        • Visualizing Two Quantitative Variables
        • Visualizing a Categorical and a Quantitative Variable
        • Customizing Seaborn Plots
Course 3
Ms SQL and SQL

This course will help you to gain complete insights into the applied statistics, database systems, data preparation, and machine learning algorithms. The master in data science course will help you to gain a broad skill set to advance your career in respective fields such as data engineering, computer programming, and data architecture.


Course Content

    • Module 3 : MS SQL and SQL
      • SQL Server Fundamentals
      • SQL Server 2019 Database Design
      • SQL Tables in MS SQL Server
      • Data Validation and Constraints
      • Views and Row Data Security
      • Indexes and Query tuning
      • Stored Procedures and Benefits
      • System functions and Usage
      • Triggers, cursors, memory limitations
      • Cursors and Memory Limitations
      • Transactions Management
Course 4
Statistics for Data Science & EDA

Machine learning courses help to understand the complete concepts behind the processing of Artificial intelligence and Computer science. With the Machine learning course, you will cover topics based on supervised and unsupervised learning along with the development of software and algorithms to extract predictions based on data.


Course Content

    • Module 4 : Statistics for Data Science & EDA
      • Introduction to Data Science
      • Accessing/Importing and Exporting Data
      • Data Manipulation: Cleansing - Munging Using Python Modules
      • Feature Engineering in Data Science
      • Data Analysis: Visualization Using Python
      • Introduction to Statistics
      • Introduction to Predictive Modelling
      • EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis)
      • Data Pre-Processing & Data Mining
Course 5
Machine Learning

Deep learning is the most effective skill in AI. The course is intended to provide a complete foundation over the deep learning algorithms that help you to understand the process to build neural networks. The course of deep learning will help you to successfully handle the Machine learning projects needed by the organization today.


Course Content

    • Module 5 : Machine Learning
      • Introduction to Machine Learning
      • Techniques of Machine Learning
      • Regression
      • Classification
Course 6
Deep Learning

Deep learning is the most effective skill in AI. The course is intended to provide a complete foundation over the deep learning algorithms that help you to understand the process to build neural networks. The course of deep learning will help you to successfully handle the Machine learning projects needed by the organization today.


Course Content

    • Module 6 : Deep Learning
      • Introduction to Deep Learning
      • Deep Learning Networks
Course 7
Microsoft Power BI

The Power BI course assists the user to understand the way to install Power BI desktop also by understanding and developing the workshop and insights using the data. It offers tools and techniques that are used to visualize and analyze data. The course will help you to learn and grab insights on everything an organization need; to manage the data with Power BI.


Course Content

    • Module 7 : Microsoft Power BI
      • Introduction to Power BI
      • Power BI Desktop
      • Power BI Data Transformation
      • Modelling with Power BI
      • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
      • Power BI Desktop Visualisations
      • Introduction to Power BI Dashboard and Data Insights
      • Direct Connectivity
      • Publishing and Sharing
      • Refreshing Datasets
Course 8
Data Preparation using Tableau Prep

The organizations are based on a process that is completely data-driven. This course is intended to help you master the key concepts to examine, learn and navigate the features of Tableau. Getting upgraded with Tableau will help you to perform the exploratory analysis by creating and designing visualizations and dashboards to provide relevant information for the intended audience.


Course Content

    • Module 8 : Data Preparation using Tableau Prep
      • Data Connection with Tableau Desktop
      • Basic Visual Analytics
      • Calculations in Tableau
      • Advanced Visual Analytics
      • Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions in Tableau
      • Geographic Visualizations in Tableau
      • Advanced charts in Tableau
      • Dashboards and Stories
      • Get Industry Ready
      • Exploring Tableau Online
      • Placement Guide
Course 9
Cloud : AWS

AWS allows you to easily move data between the data lake and purpose-built data services. For example, AWS Glue is a serverless data integration service that makes it easy to prepare data for analytics, machine learning, and application development.


Course Content

    • Module 9 : Cloud : AWS
      • Introduction to Cloud Computing
      • Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS
      • Amazon Storage Services S3 (Simple Storage Services)
      • Cloud Watch & SNS
      • Scaling and Load Distribution in AWS
      • AWS VPC
      • Identity and Access Management Techniques (IAM)
      • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
      • Multiple AWS Services and Managing the Resources' Lifecycle
      • AWS Architecture and Design
      • Migrating to Cloud & AWS
      • Router S3 DNS
      • Cloud Formation
      • Elastic Beanstalk
      • EFS / NFS (hands-on practice)
      • Hands-on practice on various Topics
Course 10
Cloud : Azure

Data Scientists know how to train Predictive Models. So, by enabling them to work together, Microsoft Azure Data Science ensures high-quality models at scale in production. With MLOps incorporated as a part of the Microsoft Azure Data Science platform, Data Scientists can create a discrete pipeline for each model


Course Content

    • Module 10: Cloud : Azure
      • Module 1: Manage Azure identities and governance (15-20%)
      • Module 2: Implement and Manage Storage (10-15%)
      • Module 3: Deploy and Manage Azure Compute Resources (25-30%)
      • Module 4: Configure and Manage Virtual Networking (30-35%)
      • Module 5: Monitor and Back up Azure Resources (10-15%)
Course 11
Data Science Professionals - Live Projects

The training offers complete career transitioning projects based on the current needs of the organization. These projects are guided by experts and help you to add more value to your profile. You will learn to initiate data science projects based on a high-level perspective helping you to understand and articulate the innovative solutions for topical real-time data science projects.


Course Content

    • Module 11 : Data Science Professionals - Live Projects
CertificatesMaster's Program Certificate

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Course Structure
  • - 8 Months Online Program
  • - 130+ Hours of Intensive Learning
  • - 9+ Assigments & 6+ Projects
  • - 2 Live Projects
Career Assistance
  • - Build an Impressive Resume
  • - Get Tips from Trainer to Clear Interviews
  • - Attend Mock-Up Interviews with Experts
  • - Get Interviews & Get Hired

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CAREERS AND SALARIES IN Masters in Data Science

With the global focus shifting towards the data; Data Science has become one of the most desired titles and many aspirants are looking to learn and grow their careers in it. Below are the best data science courses and the salary slabs that will help you to explore the various job titles included and the salary estimates.


The job role of a data engineer is to easily extract, transform the data into easy to use format for further business analysis. The job role involves the management of the structure, sources, storage, and quality of the data. This makes it easy to analyze and use for other analysts.
The Salary slab for the fresher to experts in this career falls from 5 – 13lakhs per annum.

The data scientist and business analyst's main job role relates to data mining and understanding the problems of the business to extract perfect solutions through data. Data mining is a process of application of statistics that easily understands the need of the data and collects the predictive models to reveal the latest trend in data. Through this process, the data scientists are able to analyze the business problem and translate the data question into predictive models.
The Salary slab for the fresher to experts in this profession falls from 3 lakhs to 9 lakhs per annum.

Cloud architect and engineer manages work process that relates to the designing and executing enterprise platform and infrastructure required for cloud and distributed computing. The main role of a cloud architect or engineer is to analyze the computing requirement and makes sure that the systems are securely incorporated with the current application and business use.
The Salary slab for the fresher to experts in this profession falls from 16 lakhs to 50 lakhs per annum

The database analyst and database Developer handle the work process that involved designing, maintaining, and deploying the database; handling the high volume data, and assisting with the complex data transaction to offer a specific group of services.
The Salary slab for the fresher to experts in this profession falls from 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum

BI engineer or BI developer can also be known as BI analyst or data strategist offers the core responsibilities that include bringing improvement in handling the back end source. This helps the organization to gain increased accuracy and simplicity. They mainly assist with identifying the upcoming opportunities and aid with the best practices to report and analyze data integrity, validation, test designing, analysis, and much more. The Salary slab for the fresher to experts in this profession falls from 6 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum


On the completion of the course, you may work in various domains like manufacturing, It, healthcare, telecom, and more. Also, most of the students get 200 percent hike after completing this course. The average you will get 6 lac p.a. and for a little more efforts you may acquire salary packages up to 12 lacs p.a.


Admission Process

date timeImportant Date & Time

You can apply for the master program online at our site. Mark the important date and time related to the program and stay in touch with our team to get the information about the program in detail.

enrollEnrollment Criteria

Once you submit your profile online, it will be reviewed by our expert team closely for the eligibility like graduation degree, basic programming skills, etc. Eligible candidates can move to the next step quickly.

finalFinal Enrollment Process

Eligible candidates have to appear for the online assessment based on your graduation and basic programming knowledge. Candidates who clear the exam will appear for the interview and finally they can join the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course aims to provide expert knowledge in statistical modeling, data processing, management, machine learning, data visualization, research design, building user interfaces, and software engineering. The need of the Data Scientist is mainly to promote the organization's work and to bring in the change for the desired growing needs.

Data Science offers multiple courses so it depends upon the data science domains that you are in. With our Data Science courses, one can learn skills in a respective module which helps you to complete the master program and get a perfect salary from the top organizations like Google, TCS, Accenture, and Amazon.

Croma Campus being one of the top institutes in Noida aims to provide updated course content. Providing practical and theoretical implementation on live industry projects and offer multiple training processes to provide hands-on knowledge for obtaining a good job and learning. We assist with video tutorials and provide professional trainers that help to provide the knowledge needed in the organizations today.

If you have a passion for working for data-driven sources and the organizations that need data-driven processes. Then you should opt for the data science master's program. The data science program will help you to understand the patterns and analyze the insights extracted from the data to bring in the desired change. Data science will help you to understand the work process of data involved with machine learning and artificial intelligence promoting your career in working for the top technology.

The basic skills that every data science enthusiast should have are related to Math, statistics, programming language, and understanding the data sets. Other than these technical skills a data scientist must possess intellectual curiosity and communication.

As today's industries are looking for certified resources to implement a cost-effective and fast working process. To start your career in top organizations it is important to need to get certified and trained. For certification, you can start by enrolling for the demo sessions that are free of cost and help you to know more about the course, and select the best time to get your training done. We at Croma Campus help you in all such procedures and provide you the certificate that is important to prove your eligibility.

After selecting the course, you can select the perfect service provided by the Croma Campus institute. These services are specially tailored according to the need of the aspirant’s preference. Well, these services can also be customized so that no learner finds it hard to learn and schedule the classes according to the preferred time. The additional benefits offer real-time case studies, exposure through practical and theoretical classes, various training services, instructor LED-based online training, and much more.

Well, there are as such no prerequisites to learn the course. One with no prior knowledge of programming language and statistics can enroll for the course. The average time to complete the professional certificate in data science would take around 6 to 12 months.

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