Embarking on a New Partnership with Deloitte

Innovating Together: Embarking On A New Partnership With Deloitte

23-May-2023 Prashant Bisht

Noida, India - One of the top organizations offering technical and professional training options is Croma Campus. With great pride, Croma Campus announces its strategic business alliance with the global professional services network Deloitte. This partnership represents a significant turning point in both organizations' efforts to advance digital transformation and enable people and businesses to prosper in the digital era.

The necessity for upskilling and reskilling has never been more urgent as industries continue to change and adapt to the lightning-fast speed of technological innovations. Croma Campus and Deloitte have teamed together to provide extensive training programs and consulting services that give people and organizations the information and skills necessary to thrive in the digital environment in response to this need.

With its vast experience in offering top-notch technical and professional training in a variety of fields, including software development, data science, cloud computing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and more, Croma Campus brings to the table a wealth of knowledge. With a presence all over the world and a history of providing effective training solutions, Croma Campus is well-positioned to address the learning needs of people and businesses everywhere.

The well-known professional services network Deloitte, on the other hand, provides a wide variety of services, such as consulting, auditing, tax counseling, and risk management. Deloitte has established itself as a trusted advisor to companies looking to traverse the difficult difficulties of the digital era because to its in-depth understanding of the sector, cutting-edge technological capabilities, and a global network of skilled people.

By working together, Croma Campus and Deloitte hope to develop a comprehensive ecosystem that combines technical education with strategic consulting services, empowering businesses to fully use cutting-edge technology and foster innovation across their whole operation. By bridging the technology and business divide, the two organizations want to equip professionals with the necessary skill sets and assist businesses in developing future-ready workforces.

"The partnership between Croma Campus and Deloitte is a significant step forward in our shared vision of enabling digital transformation and promoting a culture of continuous learning," stated Mr. Saurabh Singh, director of Croma Campus. We will work together to make use of our capabilities in order to provide comprehensive training programs and consulting services that enable people and organizations to adopt new technology and spur creativity.

Deloitte and Croma Campus is enthusiastic about the prospects this collaboration offers and the good effects it will have on people and organizations all across the world. To establish a dynamic learning environment, they want to combine their skills. These are some key components of this strategic partnership. 

Comprehensive Training Programs - In order to provide specialized training programs that cover a wide variety of fields, Croma Campus will work with Deloitte's industry specialists. This will guarantee that people and organizations have access to cutting-edge information and skills.

Customized Learning Journey - Together, Croma Campus and Deloitte will develop tailored learning pathways that match the particular requirements and goals of organizations, enabling individuals to gain the specialized abilities that underpin organizational success.

Consulting Services - By utilizing their market knowledge and technological know-how, Deloitte will offer strategic consulting services to assist organizations in developing and implementing digital transformation initiatives.

Thought Leadership Initiatives - To promote information exchange and raise awareness of the most recent trends and advances in the digital realm, the relationship will also involve collaborative thought leadership efforts, such as webinars, whitepapers, and conferences.

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