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Q 1. Which options (setting) is not part of run-time setting?
  • A) Pacing
  • B) Think Time
  • C) Run Logic
  • D) Report
Q 2. Which of the following is a durable key-value store?
  • A) . Amazon Simple Storage Service
  • B) Amazon Simple Workflow Service
  • C) Amazon Simple Queue Service
  • D) Amazon Simple Notification Service
Q 3. What will be the status of the snapshot until the snapshot is complete.
  • A) running
  • B) working
  • C) progressing
  • D) pending
Q 4. What does Amazon EC2 provide?
  • A) Virtual servers in the Cloud.
  • B) . A platform to run code (Java, PHP, Python), paying on an hourly basis.
  • C) Computer Clusters in the Cloud.
  • D) Physical servers, remotely managed by the customer.
Q 5. Types of Checks supported by Load Runner?
  • A) Text Check
  • B) Image Check
  • C) All of Above
  • D) None of Above
Q 6. In Load Runner Analysis, can graphs be correlated / overlayed?
  • A) Yes
  • B) No
Q 7. Which methods can be used to fix correlation problem?
  • A) Snapshot Comparison
  • B) Auto Correlation
  • C) Vuser Comparison
  • D) All of Above
Q 8. How can software determine the public and private IP addresses of the EC2 instance that it is running on?
  • A) . Query the local instance metadata.
  • B) Query the local instance userdata.
  • C) Query the appropriate Amazon CloudWatch metric.
  • D) Use an ipconfig or ifconfig command.
Q 9. Identify the correlation function?
  • A) web_reg_save_para
  • B) web_rig_save_para
  • C) web_reg_save_param
  • D) web_reg_sav_par
Q 10. Which is an operational process performed by AWS for data security?
  • A) AES-256 encryption of data stored on any shared storage device
  • B) Decommissioning of storage devices using industry-standard practices
  • C) Background virus scans of EBS volumes and EBS snapshots
  • D) Replication of data across multiple AWS Regions
Q 11. What is the Reduced Redundancy option in Amazon S3?
  • A) Less redundancy for a lower cost.
  • B) It doesn't exist in Amazon S3, but in Amazon EBS.
  • C) It allows you to destroy any copy of your files outside a specific jurisdiction.
  • D) It doesn't exist at all
Q 12. Browsers supported by Load Runner are?
  • A) Mozilla
  • B) Chrome
  • C) Opera
  • D) All of Above
Q 13. You receive a Spot Instance at a bid of $0.05/hr. After 30 minutes, the Spot Price increases to $0.06/hr and your Spot Instance is terminated by AWS. What was the total EC2 compute cost of running your Spot Instance?
  • A) $0.00
  • B) $0.02
  • C) $0.03
  • D) $0.05
Q 14. test1
  • A) test2
  • B) test3
  • C) test4
  • D) test5
Q 15. Amazon Glacier is designed for:
  • A) active database storage
  • B) infrequently accessed data.
  • C) data archives.
  • D) frequently accessed data.
Q 16. Can Load Runner be integrated with ALM and QTP?
  • A) Only ALM
  • B) Only QTP
  • C) Both ALM and QTP
  • D) Neither ALM nor QTP
Q 17. A VPC public subnet is one that:
  • A) Has at least one route in its associated routing table that uses an Internet Gateway (IGW).
  • B) Includes a route in its associated routing table via a Network Address Translation (NAT) instance
  • C) Has a Network Access Control List (NACL) permitting outbound traffic to
  • D) Has the Public Subnet option selected in its configuration
Q 18. Amazon SWF is designed to help users do what?
  • A) Design graphical user interface interactions
  • B) Manage user identification and authorization
  • C) Store Web content
  • D) Coordinate synchronous and asynchronous tasks which are distributed and fault tolerant.
Q 19. In Load Runner Analysis, can we compare two or more test results simultaneously?
  • A) Yes
  • B) No
Q 20. Default Actions generated in a Load Runner Scripts are?
  • A) vuser_inits(), Actions(), vuser_ends()
  • B) vuser_init(), Actions(), vuser_end()
  • C) vuser_init(), Action(), vuser_end()
  • D) vuser_inits(), Action(), vuser_ends()
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