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CATIA Training in Noida & CATIA Training Institute in Noida

Get Catia Training in Noida with ongoing specialists at Croma Campus Call Now –9818014543 we trust that learning Catia Training in Noida – 9818014543 in blend of functional .We planned this Catia Training institute in Noida from essential level to the most recent propelled level. We do control our members for particular Certifications which is an additional favorable position to the present market.

Catia Training in Noida- Croma Campus

Our group of Catia Trainers will have the capacity to deal with any sort of true situations effortlessly. Since they are working in beat MNC’s and they are giving this Catia Training in Noida as just low maintenance. Our Catia Course syllabus covers Introduction of CATIA, Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-I, Drawing Sketches in the Sketcher Workbench-II, Constraining Sketches and Creating Base Features, Creating Dress-Up and Hole Features, Editing Features, Transformation Features and Advanced Modeling Tools-I, Advanced Modeling Tools-II, Wireframe and Surface Design with bunches of live down to earth illustrations.

At the Croma Campus, every single module of CATIA Training in Noida has been organized by the notable masters inside the business and corporate experts with over 9+ years of immense involvement in leading continuous CATIA ventures. Croma Campus realizes a blend of academic learning and convenient sessions to give the learners perfect introduction that aides them well in their change from artless learners into demonstrated specialists.

We always believe in process learning by doing. We mainly focused on each candidate individually as we provide limited batch facility at Croma campus, we provide weekday, weekend batches and special batches for college students and working professionals. We are also having fast track course plan for professionals who wanted to fulfil their current role requirements in less time span.

At Croma campus we have biggest team of best Certified Expert CATIA Trainers with 5 to 15 years of Real Industry Experience. Our experts provide lucrative training session to candidates using latest software’s. We conduct online and offline assessment on daily weekly basis.

Croma campus is famous for its placement during training course. We have strong base linked with industries. We have appointed dedicated placement officer to look after all placements, industrial visit, seminars etc. We provide 100% placement assistance to the trainees. Croma Campus offer guaranteed placements to our students in top companies in Noida and across the globe. Among all CATIA Training Institute in Noida Croma having strong customer base so that candidates can get best opportunities in their career.

Furthermore, Croma Campus is the well-known CATIA training center in Noida with high tech infrastructure & lab facilities. We also provide access of servers so that candidates will implement the projects at home easily. More than 3000+ candidates are mentored by Croma campus in CATIA training in Noida at very affordable fees.

CATIA Training & Placement in Noida

In addition, Croma Campus built-in multi-facilitate class rooms with installed projectors. So that, candidates can better understand the topic in the better way. Our strong associations with top organizations like HCL, Wipro, Dell, Birlasoft, TechMahindra, TCS, IBM etc. make us capable to place our students in top MNCs across the globe. Croma Campus is one of the best CATIA training center in Noida with 100% placement support. We have placed thousands of students according to their skills and area of interest that makes us student’s preferred CATIA training institute in Noida. Next, we closely monitor the growth of students in our training and assist them to increase their performance and level of knowledge.

Key Features of CATIA Training are:

  • Design POC (Proof of Concept): This process is used to ensure the feasibility of the client application.
  • Video Recording of every session will be provided to candidates.
  • Live Project Based Training.
  • Job-Oriented Course Curriculum.
  • Course Curriculum is approved by Hiring Professionals of our client.
  • Post Training Support will help the associate to implement the knowledge on client Projects.
  • Certification Based Training are designed by Certified Professionals from the relevant industries focusing on the needs of the market & certification requirement.
  • Interview calls till placement.

Introduction & Understanding to CATIA Environment

  • Introduction & Understanding to CATIA® interface

Starting new file

  • Understand the Sketcher workbench of CATIA® V5
  • Start a new file in the Part workbench and invoke the Sketcher workbench within it

Drawing Sketches

  • Set up the Sketcher workbench
  • Understand some important Sketcher terms
  • Draw sketches using some of the tools in the Sketcher workbench
  • Use some of the drawing display tools

Sketch Profile toolbar with constraints

  • Draw splines
  • Connect two elements using an arc or a spline
  • Draw elongated holes
  • Draw cylindrical elongated holes.
  • Draw key holes
  • Draw hexagons
  • Draw centered rectangles
  • Draw centered parallelograms
  • Draw different types of conics
  • Edit and modify sketches

Understanding Geometric and Dimensional Constraints

  • Add geometrical constraints to sketches
  • Add dimensional constraints to sketches
  • Understand the concept of iso-constraint, under-constraint, and over-constraint sketches

Creating base Solid Models

  • Analyze and delete over defining constraints
  • Create base features by extruding sketches
  • Create base features by revolving sketches
  • Dynamically rotate the model view
  • Modify the view orientation
  • Switch between various display modes
  • Assign material to the model

Using Reference Elements and Modeling features

  • Understand the importance of sketching planes
  • Create reference elements
  • Use feature termination options
  • Create pocket features
  • Create groove features
  • Extrude and revolve the planar and curved faces

Dress up features or feature editing toolbar

  • Create fillet features
  • Create chamfer features
  • Add draft to the faces of the models
  • Create a shell feature.
  • Adding thickness
  • Face operations
  • Threads

Creating Holes

  • Create holes using the Hole tool

Part Design Features

  • Edit features using the Definition option
  • Edit features by double-clicking
  • Edit sketches of the sketch-based features
  • Manage features and sketches by cut, copy, and paste functionality

Cut copy features

  • Cut, copy, and paste features and sketches from one file to another
  • Copy features using drag and drop
  • Delete features
  • Deactivate features

Reordering features and Parent-child relationship

  • Activate the deactivated features
  • Define features in the work object
  • Reorder features
  • Understand parent child relationships
  • Understand the concept of update diagnose
  • Measure elements

Working with Bodies and Boolean operations

  • Translate and rotate bodies
  • Create symmetry features and bodies
  • Transformation features
  • Mirror features and bodies
  • Create rectangular patterns
  • Create circular patterns
  • Create user patterns
  • Scale models
  • Work with additional bodies
  • Add stiffeners to a model

Rib and Slots

  • Create rib features
  • Create slot features

Multisections Solid

  • Create multi-section solid features
  • Create removed multi-section solid features

Working Assembly constraints

  • Insert components into an assembly file
  • Create bottom-up assemblies
  • Insert components into a product file
  • Move and rotate components inside an assembly
  • Add constraints to individual components
  • Create top-down assemblies
  • Edit assembly designs
  • Create the exploded state of assemblies

Drawing & Drafting

  • Start new files in the Drafting workbench
  • Generate views using the View Creation Wizard
  • Generate front views
  • Generate advanced front views
  • Generate projected views
  • Generate auxiliary views
  • Generate isometric views
  • Generate section views
  • Generate aligned section views
  • Generate section cuts
  • Generate aligned section cuts
  • Generate detail views
  • Generate detail view profiles
  • Generate clipping views
  • Generate clipping view profiles
  • Generate broken views
  • Generate breakout views
  • Edit and modify drawing views
  • Modify hatch patterns of the section views
  • Insert additional sheets in the current drawing file
  • Insert frames and title blocks
  • Add annotations to the drawing views
  • Edit the annotations
  • Generate the Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Generate balloon

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Frequently Asked Questions:


All training courses offered by us are through IT Professional with 10+ years of experience. Freshers/College Students/Professionals(IT & Non-IT) can spot the quality of training by attending one lecture. Hence, we provide one free demo class to all our trainees so that they can judge on their own.


No, you don’t have to pay anything to attend the demo class. You are required to pay the training fee after free demo only if you are fully satisfied and want to continue the training.


To register for free demo, visit our campus or call our counsellors on the numbers given on contact us page.


Yes, all the trainees shall work on live projects provided by Croma Campus after completing their training part.


You will never lose any lecture. You can choose either of the two options:
View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS.
You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.

Please note, access to the course material will be available for lifetime once you have enrolled into the course.


Yes, Training certificate & Project completion will be issued by Croma Campus(ISO 9001-2000 Certified Training Center)


Yes, Croma Campus conduct special training programs on week end for college students throughout the year.


Croma Campus is the largest education company and lots of recruitment firms contacts us for our students profiles from time to time. Since there is a big demand for this skill, we help our certified students get connected to prospective employers. We also help our customers prepare their resumes, work on real life projects and provide assistance for interview preparation. Having said that, please understand that we don’t guarantee any placements however if you go through the course diligently and complete the project you will have a very good hands on experience to work on a Live project.


Yes, Course Fee can be paid in two equal installments with prior Approval.


Yes, Croma Campus offer various group or special discounts.


No, Lab is open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. seven days a week. This time can be extended upto 11 PM if need arises.


Yes, students can take breaks during their exams and can resume it later without paying any fee. Apart from this, Students can attend batches for revision even after completion of their courses.


Batch strength differ from technology to technology. Minimum batch strength at Croma Campus is 10 and maximum batch strength is 30.

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