Classroom Training

Croma Campus Classroom Training is a training provided by the Industry Experts. Classroom training has been the foundation of employee and client education for years. Many participants learn best and have the greatest opportunity for retention when they learn from a live instructor in a classroom setting. The physical presence of both the trainer and the trainee provides an opportunity for face-to-face interaction. Classroom training affords the opportunity to incorporate various learning principles, including lectures, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and retention quizzes. Students and working professionals can enroll themselves for classroom training, depending on each course’s eligibility criteria.


Croma Campus – Classroom Training is having the following features:


Face-to-Face Interaction

The best part of Classroom Training is Face-to-Face Interaction. In this candidate can discuss any point within session and can have better understanding about the topic.

Batch size

Smaller the batch size better will be the explanation. So in Croma Campus, we generally keep the batch size smaller so that Trainer can can interact to candidates individually.

On-The-Spot Problem Solving

One important feature of Classroom Training in Croma Campus is On-The-Spot Problem Solving. The moment candidates feels any difficulty in any topic can consult the same thing with the Trainer.

Group Discussion

In Classroom Training Session we used to provide group discussion so that candidates can gain the confidence to speak up in interviews.

Lab Asistance

We used to provide lab assistance to all the candidates after their classroom session. The benefit of this program is that the candidates can practice the sessions in lab.

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