Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

Salesforce Certified Platform DeveloperII


Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II Exam :

  • Number of Questions: 35
  • Item Types: Multiple Choice
  • Exam time: 60 Mins.
  • Passing score: 63%
  • No Registration Fee
  • Attempts to Pass: 3

Syllabus for Salesforce Platform Developer II Certification Exam


Exam Outline 100%
  • Describe the capabilities of base-system objects such as sharing objects, history objects, metadata objects, multi-currency, and Chatter objects.
  • Describe the different capabilities of and use cases for the various Salesforce development platforms (Heroku, Fuel,
  • Describe how to design code that accommodates multi-language, multi-currency, multi-locale considerations.
  • Describe the implications of compound data types in Apex programming.
  • Identify use cases for different types of custom settings, and describe how to implement solutions for those use cases.
  • Describe the interactions between Visualforce/Apex with Flow/Lightning Process Builder.
  • Given a scenario, identify the optimal programmatic or declarative solution.
  • Identify potential issues with inefficient code and mitigation techniques to avoid exceeding governor limits.
  • Describe the data return types for SOQL and SOSL queries and their impact on variable assignment.
  • Given a scenario, describe when and how to use Apex managed sharing.
  • Describe the use cases for the various authentication techniques.
  • Given a scenario, describe how to use a standard set controller.
  • Describe use cases for JavaScript in a Visualforce page.
  • Given a set of requirements, describe the process for designing Lightning components.
  • Describe the common performance issues for user interfaces and the techniques to mitigate them.
  • Describe the considerations for query performance.
  • Describe how to expose Apex classes as SOAP and REST web services.
  • Describe how to use system classes to integrate with SOAP- or REST-based web services.
  • Describe when and how to use metadata, streaming, and Analytics API to enhance Apex and Visualforce solutions.
  • Describe the best practices for unit testing in Apex.
  • Describe how to apply different techniques to create test data and responses.
  • Describe various ways to execute test and specify test execution options.
  • Given a scenario, identify the appropriate tool to analyze application performance profiles and troubleshoot data and performance issues.

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