Revit Structure Professional Certification

Revit Structure Certified Professional Exam :

  • Number of Questions: 35
  • Item Types: Multiple Choice
  • Exam time: 180 Mins.
  • Passing score: 75%

Syllabus for Revit Structure Certified Professional Exam

  • Create and modify levels
  • Create and modify structural grids
  • Import AutoCAD files into Revit
  • Link Revit models
  • Control the visibility for linked objects
  • Using temporary dimensions
  • Annotate beams
  • Add and modify text annotations
  • Add and use dimensions and dimension labels
  • Use detail components
  • Create and modify column schedules
  • Create and modify footing schedules
  • Create and modify standard sheets
  • Place and modify structural columns
  • Place and modify walls
  • Create custom wall types
  • Place footings
  • Create a concrete slabs and/or floors
  • Create and modify stepped walls in foundations
  • Place rebar
  • Add beams
  • Add beam systems
  • Add joists
  • Add cross bracing to joists
  • Create and use trusses
  • Create and modify floors
  • Create and modify custom floors
  • Create and modify sloped floors
  • Add floor openings for stairs
  • Create and modify stairs
  • Create and modify ramps
  • Model and use roofs
  • Create section views
  • Create framing elevations
  • Use callout views

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